Saturday, 24 July 2010

A working weekend

I did get a lie in this morning, but I woke with a terrible headache. Still, a few paracetamol later and I was hard at work.

Its always hard working at the weekend, Andrew does his best with the kids but doesn't seem to grasp that they are not really interested in the set up of his new carp fishing thingie, and actually they can't help being noisy, messy and demanding! Still, I can't complain because from just after 9am until just after 3pm (when he really couldn't take any more,) I was able to get some work done. Of course work on a weekend is punctuated with tiny visitors to my office in need of paper and pens, and hugs and cuddles, and three under 5's dashing round the house can be a bit distracting.

Despite that however, I have managed to get a fair bit done. This morning I transferred the Manchester show plan into SmartDraw. It has still not had the OK from the hotel, but the design software for the brochures and the website is time consuming and tricky, so I really needed to get it done. I can always edit on Monday!

All the loose ends of the show have been sorted now, final balance requests will go off tomorrow, all stands are allocated and the show is looking brilliant!
This afternoon was mainly admin and invoicing. Not my most favourite thing to do, but I am glad it is out of the way now. Till next issue!

I will also be mailing each current magazine subscriber with details of their current subscription, and details of the changes we are making. There are some exciting times ahead. I have all the address stickers done, and writing hundreds of individual letters will begin in earnest tomorrow!

I spent a bit more time on the new forums this evening, activated some new accounts and corrected a few mistakes! I had hoped to get the doll show website updated, but it is 10.30 now and I am not sure I have the energy. I will probably go and make a start and finish in the morning!

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