Thursday, 22 July 2010

New blog and forums today!

Lots of things have happened for Discover Dolls today, which is surprising as it is the first day of the school holidays, and I have had all three kids here so haven't been officially working! However, the Reborn Angels forums which were set live last night, finally showed on the server early this morning and the community is already up and running! I have managed to get a few posts on there and I am already enjoying being back amongst old friends!
The other thing of course, is this, the first post on the new blog! I feel very socially networked now, with my forum, facebook and twitter accounts and now a blog! I can't guarantee how often I will be able to update, but I do hope to use it to keep everyone informed about the magazine, and all other areas of Discover Dolls so that there is an appreciation of what goes on here, and of all the behind the scenes work that goes on to bring your magazines, doll shows and reproduction dolls!
Despite spending the day at the farm with my three small children, I have been working this evening, and my plans took an unexpected turn. As I was posting on the new Reborn Angels forums with a brief history of the forums I got to thinking how I started out with reborns and how I got from there, to where I am today. As I wrote my forum post, the 8 year history of my career in the baby doll industry just began pouring out onto the paper. Well not paper, the computer screen if we are being particular!
I actually think it makes a really interesting read and it has got me thinking about the huge changes that have gone on in this industry. 10 years ago the reborn doll hadn't made it to the shores of the UK, and yet here we are now, with hundreds or artists, thousands of collectors and many thriving small businesses. The industry, like any other, has had its ups and downs, and now we are looking with interest at what the future will bring.
I hope to edit my brief history of time somewhat and work it into an article for the magazine.
Tomorrow all three of my little ones are in childcare all day, and I have a very busy day planned!

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