Friday, 23 July 2010

Frantic friday!

My kids are early risers, but today was a particularly early start with both the eldest being up at 5.30am! Still, it gave me plenty of time to get them all ready and out of the house by 8am to their various places of childcare.

I have managed to get a lot done today, I have not by any means reached the end of my long list, but I am getting closer to sorting out the many lose ends I have to tie up. I have managed to fix my smartstamp account, and prepare magazines for mailing overseas. I have also caught up a little on sending out the free doll and binder from my promotion ages ago, and have a few boxes here with the last ones to go out!

The details of my New Zealand distributor are now sorted out, and from the end of next week Robyn in NZ will have a stock of all the back issues and the current issue of Discover Dolls. I am really happy to be working with Robyn Leech and I am sure she will do a great job distributing the magazine for me.

I spent some time looking at the online magazine today. I have sorted all the details to have the archives transferred from my printers account and into my own account which will give me a lot more control over the content. There is so much I can do with the online magazine, it can be really interactive and there are so many ways to customise it. I have had a brief read through some tutorials but I think i will have to dedicate a day to it after the show when I have more time.

There was some good news from my new resin factory today, work has begun on my latest project at last! I will be progressing very slowly and carefully with this one, especially after the mess the other factory has made of my wonderful Tina Kewy minis. Still, I am hoping that they will eventually rise like a Phoenix from the ashes, after all they are such beautiful dolls and so nicely presented. I suppose I could be less fussy, but I like quality, and the mini babies have to be perfect. Still, another week has gone by with no news from the old factory of when the replacement parts will be sent. I am holding onto the hope that they will be here in time for the Manchester show.

I have all but finished the show preparation, still waiting to hear back from one or two people, but I think over the weekend I will be in a position to get the floor plans and the exhibitor lists onto the website.

Work on the next magazine is still ongoing, my deadline is Friday to go to press, which makes this weekend and the early part of next week key times for me.

I think my focus before Monday will be on getting the show plans finalised and online, and the final articles for the magazine edited and send for design.

However, it is 9pm on Friday night, and as I have been working since 8am, and up since 5.30, I think it is time to take the rest of the evening off and watch the last in the current series of The Mentalist!

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