Sunday, 25 July 2010

The price of ink!

My working day did not go to plan today, when the morning was to be spent printing off shipping labels, stamps, letters and floor plans and my printer ran out of ink!

I headed to Tesco, with child #2 in tow, to pick up some new ink and of course a load of other bits we had conveniently run out of, only to find that the price of a HP78 cartridge had effectively doubled since last time I bought one. That, combined with the fact that all the printers were half price sent my mind into a spin as I realised for the price of two new cartridges for my 5 year old printer, I could actually get a new, wireless, printer-scanner-copier machine! However, it is very hard to thing about things like that with "she who should have been left at home" complaining about wanting Smarties, wanting a drink and eventually wanting to go home. So in the end I returned with no printer and no ink, sometime in the early afternoon! Not the most successful trip ever!

Conceding defeat I spent the rest of the afternoon at the park!

This evening has been more productive, I have managed to send off all my web changes to Searchlight, and they should all be implemented in the next few days.

I have decided no to be up until gone midnight tonight, as the last two mornings I have woken up with a pounding head. So once I have written an email to my factory in China, an email to the Manchester venue about the floor plan, and had a quick peek on the forums, it will be off to bed!

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