Monday, 11 April 2011

Simply Reborn Live day 2

Well this post is late for many reasons, the last few weeks have been a blur of magazine mailing, admin and sick children!
However, the memory of day 2 of the reborning class is fresh in my mind because it was so much fun and highly memorable.
Sunday was the day the kits started to come together, and really take shape. As soon as the painting was complete they looked almost alive.
I was fascinated by the adding of the tiny details, from the eyelashes and eyebrows to the little milk spots placed in just the right places, and even small capillaries, for those who dared!!
It was great for me to see the dolls assembled too as I always miss this part when popping in and out of classes! Each student carefully weighted and assembled their beautifully painted parts, and then dressed the baby!
The class was finished at a leisurely pace, and at the end, there was a demonstration of hair painting. The talent displayed at the class was amazing, and all the students were eager to get home with their supplies and get reborning. For my part I WISH I had taken part in the class, as the ladies put their babies together I really felt like I was missing out. I will be taking a class in the future, although 5 years out of the game, I can't guarantee the results!
We will be releasing the dates of our new classes shortly.

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