Sunday, 3 April 2011

Simply Reborn Live day 1

I am cheating a litte, updating the blog early on day two, but while the students are busy applying layers of paint, heat setting, chatting and drinking tea, I have snuck out for a bit of social networking!
Yesterday was the very first day of the very first class to be held in our classroom and I think I can safely say it was a roaring success.
The students have made amazing progress, and had a whole lot of fun at the same time. Much tea has been drunk, and I have to admit, a few biccies have gone down too! Lunch was provided by our friendly sandwich bar Charlies, and delivered to the door! Perfect!
The students are reborning the sold out First Love kit, sculpted by Ruth Annette, it is lovely for students to be able to start off with such a saught after kit, and also to be able to reborn a kit which was originally sculpted by the tutor.
I am amazed to see how well the kits are coming to life, and am eagerly awaiting the finished babies! Now I need to get to the shop to aquire more tea! It is amazing how much one group of ladies can get through over a weekend!

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